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A couple of years ago I bought myself

A couple of years ago I bought myself a laptop as I was stuck inside the house and not feeling well enough to venture out of the house or indeed do anything except read and watch television.  I was feeling pretty low due to side-effects from chemo and when I could, I began writing about cancer and how I have learned to live with it.   Just by chance, I told my 3 year old granddaughter a story about a mouse that had entered our house and what had happened to it.  She loved the story and it gave me the idea that perhaps I could write about it.  Following that little story about the mouse, I have written quite a few children’s stories and last year put together a book using a program which I downloaded from the internet and in which I included 10 of my stories.  I guess they are all rather amateurish but the children like them and so I have written a number of other stories for my grandchildren. 

Since that time I have been tapping away on my laptop writing about all sorts of things. Apart from writing about my experiences with breast cancer I have been writing about my life before cancer and various other topics.  I found this writing to be a wonderful distraction from the not so wonderful things in my life, namely breast cancer and the effects it has had not only on my life, but also my husband and family’s lives.

I guess we all have ways of learning to live with the big C and I have found writing to be quite cathartic.  My friends and family all put up with my writings for which I am really grateful, oh, and I have had 2 articles published.  One in the Inside Story in the Beacon and another article on a totally different topic published in one of the Noosa local papers.


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