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Some thoughts about Christmas celebrations

Some thoughts about Christmas celebrations.

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Some thoughts about Christmas celebrations

Christmas is upon us once more and another year is in sight.  I thank God every day that I’m still around to see the joy on the little ones faces as the magic of Christmas unfolds and I look forward to sharing the excitement of my grandchildren as they wait for Santa to arrive with his sackful of goodies.  I do worry that the concept of giving and receiving has overtaken the reason why we celebrate Christmas but that of course is up to parents and their beliefs.

As I watch the small children in the shopping centres with their mothers or often these days with their grandmothers while they wait in line to have their photo taken with Santa, it takes me back to a time when I too lined up with my two younger brothers for a Santa photo (wish I could find that photo).   When my children came along I also lined up with many other young mums with their small children, often reluctant, and we all encouraged them to sit on this strange man’s knee wearing his even stranger clothing and fake facial hair in order to have the obligatory photo taken.   Now, I see crying babies who are frightened of this man in his red suit and who are too young yet to understand what it’s all about.  Why do we do it?  Each generation continues with this tradition and I guess it all contributes to the mysticism of Christmas.

Christmas is a time of getting together with family and friends but it can also be a time of high stress – people who are time poor, often cash poor, rushing about trying to meet the sometimes unrealistic expectations of their children and giving their credit cards a huge hit which may take them the next year to pay back in readiness for the next Christmas.  Enough of that – I have many opinions about many things pertaining to Christmas but I will leave that for another time and instead tell you about my day last Friday.Image

On my way to Christmas lunch with people from U3A


Later that day our dinner group enjoying good food and good company.

U3A (University of the Third Age), where I’m learning Pencil Drawing, has wound up for the year and we had our Christmas lunch yesterday – most enjoyable, food was good – 3 courses and a glass or two of wine – far too much for me.  I usually have half a sandwich and a piece of fruit but especially as I then fronted up for our Dinner Group’s Christmas dinner.  We were entertained by a group of 3 men playing their Ukuleles which they had learned to play at U3A, playing Christmas songs.

We had decided to move away from our usual form of the host providing the meal and we all contributed by bringing a ‘plate’ and what a sumptuous meal it was.  Cheese and fruit to start, followed by a variety of hot and cold food followed by home- made plum pudding with custard and cream – wow, what a spread! The funny thing was that we had started eating the pudding when Val who made the pudding, remembered to tell us there was money in the pudding.  Seems that a couple of coins are missing – who swallowed them??!!  Shades of the jewellery heist in Brisbane where the thief allegedly swallowed 2 diamond rings valued at $60,000.  Suggestions were made that those who were thought to have swallowed the 2 missing threepences should present themselves to Brisbane Customs in order to retrieve them so that Val could sterilize them and put them in her stash for future use?!

Our hosts’ house is on a battle-axe block which has a rather long narrow driveway and as we were the last to arrive we were last in which meant no-one could leave before we did.  As we were getting out of the car Barb came running out and asked Doug if he would drive her back to her place as she had forgotten to bring her gift.  We all take a gift of $5 or less to exchange.  Barb lives near us so it took them a little while and it was almost dark when they arrived back and Doug had his parking lights on and forgot to turn them off……………..   When we left to go home at 10.30 pm, you guessed it – flat battery!!  No-one could get past our car so we all trooped back inside and chatted amongst ourselves while we waited for the RACQ.  Fortunately it wasn’t too long – only about ½ an hour.

Of course, as often seems to happen with the McKenzie’s, there was more to come.  When Doug came to tell us the car had been started and we could all go home, he began looking around the kitchen.  When asked what he was looking for he replied that when he took his hearing aid out to make the phone call he had put it down and in his haste to go out to wait for the RACQ man, he had left it behind.  Turns out that he had left it on the table cloth (I know you are shaking your head in wonder) which had since been rolled up ready to go in the washing machine.   Our hostess checked and could feel something which turned out to be the missing earpiece.  Lucky – disaster had been averted as his hearing aids were new and this was only the second time he had worn them.  These new ones had proved to be much better than the previous ones and I doubt would have been replaced.

All in all, a lovely day in which I ate far too much, laughed lots but which ended well.  We still have a couple of weeks to go before Christmas and there are to be several more get-togethers so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will prove to be uneventful. 

With that in mind, I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2014.