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A Cloudy Week with a Promise of Rain

A Cloudy Week with a Promise of Rain.

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A Cloudy Week with a Promise of Rain

Hopefully soon I will have a new name for my blog – Hope you like it – I think the new name reflects the aim of my blog in that I do try to look for silver linings and try not to linger on the sometimes unpleasant aspects of life.

I/we have had an unbelievable week – apart from our air conditioner that we have now been without for 5 weeks. Eventually there was a silver lining in that saga of many phone calls and finally an email that we sent to the repairers – a well known company on Tuesday. The girl at the repairers had twice said she would look into it and get back to us – didn’t happen!! The email did the trick and finally the boss found out about our plight. He rang, apologised profusely and the next day delivered (himself) a portable air conditioner free of charge until ours is fixed next Tuesday. It has been very hot here and when you have an air conditioner you can’t use at the hottest time of the year it probably makes you feel worse. Add to that a couple of other events that occurred this week and throw into the mix a cycle of chemotherapy: all of which left us both mentally exhausted.

Anyway enough of that – but it started off a week of dark clouds. Our son and his wife had just arrived back from a wonderful holiday in the US and were looking forward to starting work the next day (they are both Teachers) but in the early hours of the next morning a nasty bout of food poisoning saw our son admitted to hospital where he spent a few miserable days and was discharged this morning (Sat). Hard to find a silver lining in that particular cloud except that he is slowly recovering, which is great.

The other very dark cloud was when our son texted his 17 year old daughter, whom he hadn’t seen for 3 weeks while he was away, to tell her he was in Emergency. She texted back saying she also was in Emergency at a different hospital. Our son was admitted right away and a drip was begun in order to re-hydrate him. His daughter waited a couple of hours in severe pain, had a blood test and told to go home and come back the next day if the pain continued – they thought it might be appendicitis. The next day she went back and was eventually admitted. Surgery was indicated but she was transferred by ambulance to a larger City Hospital for Specialist attention. An ultrasound confirmed it wasn’t appendicitis. The operation was to happen either that night or this morning (Sat). She kept being pushed back as more serious cases kept coming in – probably the usual Friday night car smashes and drunken fights. Then it was to be this afternoon but now re-scheduled for tomorrow (Sund). At the time of writing this it is Saturday and they have finally given her something to eat – she had been ‘Nil by Mouth’ since Thursday evening in preparation for surgery. Hopefully they don’t send her home as often happens. This of course is the difference between Public and Private Hospitals. No silver linings there so far.

This morning it was overcast and raining on and off but we went to watch our gorgeous 12 year old Grandson play cricket – Under 14. They were hoping but didn’t expect to win but win they did!! The opposing team was at the top of the ladder – our team was second. Our boy opened the batting as usual but both opening batsmen were run out for small scores. When it was his team’s turn to field, he was part of the bowling line-up and a catch was taken off his bowling. The silver lining was beginning to shine through – figuratively speaking as it was still overcast, very humid and sprinkling with rain. Halfway through the innings he took up his position as Wicket Keeper – 2 boys share this position. He did very well and the scores were close – the opposing team needed 10 runs to win. Our boy in his position as Wicket Keeper took a catch and the other team was all out!!! The silver lining was definitely shining by this stage.

So, tomorrow is Australia Day and we are celebrating with an Aussie BBQ at our unit complex. We’ll have Aussie flags, Aussie hats and sundry paraphernalia in the appropriate theme. Hamburgers and lamingtons – Bewdy Bottler!! (Old Aussie slang) so barring rain should be a fun day.

It’s now Sunday – our Granddaughter had her surgery yesterday morning and she is now preparing to be discharged from hospital. An Australia Day that she won’t forget I’m sure. What a relief to us all that her surgery went well and she and her father are well on the road back to good health.

Our Australia Day BBQ was a great success – windy but no rain and we all had a great day. The troubled week ended well which goes to show that the silver linings are always there – you just have to look for them.

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I would like to answer “Yes” but that would be a somewhat naíve.  I found searching for that elusive “silver lining in every cloud” required a fair bit of detective work and trial and error but in the end it was enjoyable and well worth the effort.   Over time the clouds, often very dark clouds which in this instance represent something that has been with me for many years and will be with me always; namely the poor state of my health.  Of course I’m no longer a “young chick” and I am indeed lucky to have had the time to search for silver linings in my dark clouds.  I have explored many avenues in which to stimulate my ageing grey matter and since my retirement from work in 2005 I have spent many enjoyable hours involving myself in a number of hobbies in order to keep me from going stir crazy.

My health keeps me from doing a lot of things that I would like to do but my laptop is up there in importance along with my very best  friends and my husband.  I’ve never given “IT” (laptop) a pet name – probably a bit late now.  Writing and drawing are my favourite things to engage in and at the moment I’m trying to find a new and hopefully better name for my blog.  No doubt you will see what I have come up with fairly soon.

Together with my blog master, I have taken on the task of producing a blog on a weekly basis.  It’ll be interesting to see what this ageing but experienced brain can come up with and specifically if it is interesting to my readers.  Here’s hoping!!!

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I live on a small island off the coast of Queensland a little north of Brisbane.  My husband and I together with our small dog, moved here 10 years ago to spend our retirement away from the hustle and bustle of City life.  We love the relaxed life-style and living in a smaller community and I have found that there are many avenues available to explore new interests here on the island.

When I began writing children’s stories, mainly for the enjoyment of my grandchildren, I found the island to be rich in inspiration.  As my husband and I would drive across the bridge that connects the island to the mainland, I noticed that often there would be a pelican sitting on top of some of the lights and now and then there would be one on each of the 13 lights and occasionally we would see two pelicans sitting on one pole.

This gave me the idea that perhaps I could write a story for children about the local pelicans and I eventually I wrote 3 stories about “Pinky” Pelican and in the second story I introduced “Polly” who became Pinky’s mate.  They have had a couple of adventures together and their biggest adventure was flying many thousands of kilometres to Lake Eyre in South Australia as part of a migration of many species of birds that congregate there when there is water in Lake Eyre – a situation that doesn’t occur every year.

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“We’re having a heatwave, a tropical heatwave, the temperature’s rising, it isn’t surprising, she   certainly can can-can”

Well, I’m certainly no Marilyn Monroe – can’t sing, can’t dance, body all shot to pieces and don’t have blonde hair!  But we are certainly having a heatwave –it’s already 30 degrees at 9.30 am and heading to a forecast 41 degrees Celsius today!!

We’re staying at our daughter’s house on the Sunshine Coast and it’s hot, hot, hot.  They have air-conditioning but with escalating electricity prices, you hesitate to turn it on but I think that the need for some cooling will soon overtake a need for prudence.  The kids will no doubt spend most of the day in the pool (which they did yesterday).

As for me, I can’t stand these high temperatures and the pool doesn’t hold much attraction for me. We turned our air-conditioner on at home before Christmas and it went bang!!  threw the safety switch.  Can’t get an electrician until 14th January and we have to be in Brisbane this coming Tuesday, so we’ll have to leave here in the next day or so and go home.  We had solar panels installed so that we would be able to use our air-con without worrying too much about the cost and the first hot weather we have, what happens?!!

Of course, we are fortunate to have access to cooling when there are so many who don’t but being in poor health gives a need for a cooler environment and I need to take advantage of it.  The house is now beautifully cool and as I sit and write (waffle) another England wicket has fallen –  the Aussies are making short work (again!!) of the Poms.  Having won the Ashes, our ‘boys’ continue their demoralising whitewash – what a game, what a series!!!   5/25  Love it!!

Now for a bit of frivolity.

There are two potatoes – P1 and P2 – who live in Cathy’s kitchen.  When we first arrived here they were sitting on the sink and since then they must have been having little adventures because each day they have moved to a different spot.  I think since Catherine drew faces on them and named them P1 and P2, they have taken on personalities.  I suspect they have secretly been watching TV and have seen Bananas in Pyjamas and liked what they saw.

Yesterday one went missing and was found next to Poppa’s phone – I wonder who he was calling?  Could it have been a producer at the ABC suggesting they might like to make a TV program similar to Bananas in Pyjamas?   This morning when I picked up the muesli container there they both were – sitting on top, looking at me!  I’ll have to keep a close watch on them because a little while later there they were, on top of the Coco Pops box.

Of course it could all be a conspiracy by a person living in this house but if not, this could really develop into a fully fledged mystery – what do YOU think?  Would you like to hear more about the adventures of P1 and P2? I don’t believe it!!  I just went to the fridge for some cold water and what was there? P1 and P2 – they must be hot too and found the coolest place in the house – could there possibly be a small brain between them?Image

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Christmas 2013 is over, all the presents have been opened, the family has departed and all that is left are decorations that have lost the aura of a special season and have now become redundant once more.  Each year as we bring out our Christmas decorations which have been stored for the past year and decorate the Christmas tree, expectations of getting together with family and friends; sharing memories of the past year, they also bring the excitement of Santa Claus to little ones.  Sadly, as with most events, the happiness of others may evoke feelings of sadness of lost loved ones and may also bring mixed feelings to many in need.  For those of us who are fortunate enough, hopefully some wonderful memories have been made over this special season which will remain with us to think about and to fill our minds and souls with happiness for a long time to come.

Today is New Years Day and as I think about the year that has now passed, I, like most people, wonder what 2014 will bring and what is in store for us.  How wonderful it would be to think that world peace would be achieved and that starving millions would have enough to eat and that they could live in a safe environment and not forgetting the hope for new discoveries in the medical field.  Alas, that is a wish that won’t happen in my lifetime and the best I can hope for is a bucketful of good health, happiness and safety for my family and all my friends, Oh! and for me too.

Each New Year is a time for reflection on what has happened during the past year and while not commenting on all the dreadful things that have happened around the world, too numerous to mention, there have also been many good things that have occurred.  However, in my miniscule world, I think of what I have achieved in 2013 – apart from surviving another year which is pretty awesome, I have celebrated my 70th birthday, with gusto I might add, been able to continue with my pencil drawing and somewhere amongst that and fortnightly chemo, I finally completed my book.  My husband and I will be celebrating 50 years of marriage in February 2014 and I have, over the last 14 months been putting together a book of memories together with many photos of those years.  I finally completed the book and sent it off to the publisher on New Year’s Eve in the hope it will be printed and delivered in time for our “Big day”.  It’s a one off printing of one book which is for family members only.  I must admit that a discount of 25% encouraged me to put in my final entry.  Yaay!!  So, all in all, 2013 has been a great year.

Roll on 2014 – I have resolved not to make any resolutions again this year as they inevitably fall by the wayside but instead try and enjoy a meaningful life.  Our fabulous U3A has offered a class in Philosophy this year and I’ve put my name down and am looking forward to joining the class of fellow philosophers trying to fathom what came first “the chicken or the egg?”.   So while I intend to enjoy a meaningful life I may be able to explore the meaning of life.  So, expect some philosophical blogs from me which I’m sure will only raise more questions than answers.

May I wish you all a healthy and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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