Looking for the things in life that make us happy


on 01/01/2014

Christmas 2013 is over, all the presents have been opened, the family has departed and all that is left are decorations that have lost the aura of a special season and have now become redundant once more.  Each year as we bring out our Christmas decorations which have been stored for the past year and decorate the Christmas tree, expectations of getting together with family and friends; sharing memories of the past year, they also bring the excitement of Santa Claus to little ones.  Sadly, as with most events, the happiness of others may evoke feelings of sadness of lost loved ones and may also bring mixed feelings to many in need.  For those of us who are fortunate enough, hopefully some wonderful memories have been made over this special season which will remain with us to think about and to fill our minds and souls with happiness for a long time to come.

Today is New Years Day and as I think about the year that has now passed, I, like most people, wonder what 2014 will bring and what is in store for us.  How wonderful it would be to think that world peace would be achieved and that starving millions would have enough to eat and that they could live in a safe environment and not forgetting the hope for new discoveries in the medical field.  Alas, that is a wish that won’t happen in my lifetime and the best I can hope for is a bucketful of good health, happiness and safety for my family and all my friends, Oh! and for me too.

Each New Year is a time for reflection on what has happened during the past year and while not commenting on all the dreadful things that have happened around the world, too numerous to mention, there have also been many good things that have occurred.  However, in my miniscule world, I think of what I have achieved in 2013 – apart from surviving another year which is pretty awesome, I have celebrated my 70th birthday, with gusto I might add, been able to continue with my pencil drawing and somewhere amongst that and fortnightly chemo, I finally completed my book.  My husband and I will be celebrating 50 years of marriage in February 2014 and I have, over the last 14 months been putting together a book of memories together with many photos of those years.  I finally completed the book and sent it off to the publisher on New Year’s Eve in the hope it will be printed and delivered in time for our “Big day”.  It’s a one off printing of one book which is for family members only.  I must admit that a discount of 25% encouraged me to put in my final entry.  Yaay!!  So, all in all, 2013 has been a great year.

Roll on 2014 – I have resolved not to make any resolutions again this year as they inevitably fall by the wayside but instead try and enjoy a meaningful life.  Our fabulous U3A has offered a class in Philosophy this year and I’ve put my name down and am looking forward to joining the class of fellow philosophers trying to fathom what came first “the chicken or the egg?”.   So while I intend to enjoy a meaningful life I may be able to explore the meaning of life.  So, expect some philosophical blogs from me which I’m sure will only raise more questions than answers.

May I wish you all a healthy and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


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