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on 04/02/2014

When you drive over the Bribie Island Bridge, if you’re lucky, you may see a Pelican sitting on each of the 13 lights situated atop the bridge.  I love to see the Pelicans and I’m disappointed if there are none to be seen.  I’ve written a few stories about the Bribie Pelicans suitable for children but I find that the adults who read my stories also enjoy them.

As I write this, the News is on the television in the background – some tragic news has been read out – a father and his daughter who have been missing for 2 weeks have been found dead.  The result of a custody battle.  What makes people do this?  Why take the life of a child?  I know people feel there is no other way out for them but to take the life of a child – your own – is unfathomable. 

I don’t usually write about current affairs as I feel that to do so you need to have more knowledge about each story before passing judgement.  I know that people despair about the thought of losing their child or children in custody battles and will sometimes resort to desperate measures that can result in the finality of death for themselves and their loved ones.

Do these mostly men lack support from family and close friends, do they have a mental illness or are they just determined to make the children’s mother pay for refusing them access.  Obviously each case is complex but why do these tragedies continue to happen?  Isn’t anyone taking notice of what is going on and take appropriate action?  I imagine it is a combination of both internal and external factors but surely someone close to the situation must have an inkling of where it could lead.  In the case that I have mentioned above, on the face of it, it appears to be a totally selfish act – the mother for not allowing the father to have suitable access to the child and the father for not wishing the child’s mother to control the situation.  No doubt there is a lot more behind this terrible act but now, the mother has lost her child and the child has lost her life.

I have seen firsthand the anguish that a bitter mother has caused a child’s father and fortunately in this case it has all worked out.  The mother is still bitter and obstructive but the father persevered and has a lovely relationship with his child who has recently completed her schooling.  He has a wonderful wife who has supported him through all the difficulties he has faced and has never needed to resort to violence or verbal abuse despite the stonewalling and difficulties thrown his way.

There are so many selfish acts perpetrated by mostly men on children: as is being shown in the Royal Commission into Child Abuse with the Salvation Army also under scrutiny at present.  We’ve had the priests and the cover-ups by churches – School Teachers, Scout leaders, the list goes on.  People in positions of trust who feel it is their right to use the young and innocent children in their care for their own sexual gratification, often ruining lives – what is wrong with these people? 

How can anyone punch babies and do such awful things to them that will cause horrific injuries and often death?  Babies do cry and sometimes push mothers and fathers to the edge of their tolerance but to go that step further and beat them until they stop their noise………………..!!!

No wonder I choose to write about more light-hearted topics – this is such a depressing story.



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