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on 10/07/2014

The travellers arrived home from their fortnight in New Zealand last Friday evening, tired and hungry. We had made a large lasagne which was all ready and the children sat and ‘wolfed’ it down. When the rest of us sat down to eat our lasagne, I realized the pasta was a bit chewy – how embarrassing!! It looked so good – golden brown on top and moist with plenty of filling. I wondered how one of the easiest meals one could make for a crowd (7) could have turned out to be not as good as it should have been.

With some reflection about my cooking skills – which I must admit are a little rusty, as Doug does most if not all the cooking these days – I realized that I didn’t add to the instructions on the pasta box:

If being made by 2 “oldies” with not so good eyesight – more care should be taken ensuring the oven settings are correct!! – especially if using an oven that one is unfamiliar with. However, it wasn’t too bad – it was hot and tasty and was eaten with gusto as they were all hungry (there was plenty of lasagne sauce) and Leroy and Mischa enjoyed the pasta.

Our second week of house-sitting was great, especially once I found the remote for the air-conditioner and we were able to warm the house and ourselves. We were concerned about the menagerie but they survived the cold – even Simon the Guinea Pig which I never saw as he stayed in his little house but we knew he was okay because the food and water disappeared at a great rate. The fish – well they were fish and Henry the lizard was warm with the lights on in his tank during the day and he slept at night when the lights were switched off. Thankfully they all survived the cold weather. The daily wrangle between the young dog Leroy and the interloper, namely Mischa, continued several times a day, shattering the otherwise peace and quiet in the house.

The sales were fantastic which was good as I hadn’t taken enough warm clothes with me and as we don’t have access to the big stores at Bribie, (probably a good thing!) it was nice to browse. It’s always good to be back in our own home where Mischa sleeps contentedly most of the day on the couch beside me or on my lap and now and then Doug and I take over where Leroy and Mischa left off – just so it’s not too quiet.



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