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on 24/07/2014

Last week we awoke to the news of the horrific shooting down of MH17 over Ukraine with the loss of 298 innocent souls. The sadness and anger that lingers no doubt because we are continuously being reminded by the vision placed before us at every news break. Is this a good or bad thing? Only time will tell of the effect these graphic images have on people – small children in particular who are old enough to ask questions and also teenagers and young adults. I’m sure we will never forget seeing the planes being flown into the Twin Towers in New York with all the horror that went with that terrorist act. The vision was indelibly imprinted on our minds because of the constant barrage from the media.

We cannot and I believe should not shield our young people from the truth: that we do live in an unsafe world but having said that we don’t want the next generation to live with fear.

The leadership by our Prime Minister and Foreign Minister have shown in speaking out so strongly against the suspected perpetrators, I think, is admirable but will it make Australia more of a target? Australia still is the “Lucky Country” as long as our borders are safe but for how long?

Last night I watched as a little Palestinian boy – a survivor of the boys who were killed by a rocket from Israel which landed on the beach and killed his brother, nephew and cousins was being interviewed about this dreadful event. He seemed calm but I’m sure his hatred of the people who carried out the firing of rockets will grow and grow.

Then there are people who are going off to fight in Syria and other countries in conflict – not always for the specific reason of defending “their people” but simply to be able to shoot and kill. They are mostly untrained, just with a desire to fire a gun and kill their opponents but often ending up being killed themselves.

Why is there so much conflict in the world? In this year of 2014, have we learned nothing? Thousands and thousands of people have lost their lives in war but to what gain? The reasons are many – religion, land, intolerance, greed, are a few but above all, I believe Power over others is the over-riding reason and with this comes a total disregard for human lives.

I find this all overwhelming and not a little bewildering but I am also angry that these power hungry men have little or no regard for the people who live in fear in these regions where they are being constantly bombarded. What can I do? Nothing of course but as a Christian and one who likes to think there is a hereafter, I hope that if these perpetrators are not brought to justice on earth that they will in the hereafter.

Man’s inhumanity to man is alive and well and no doubt will continue. I doubt the killing will ever stop – after all it all began with Adam and Eve and is nothing new.


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