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“Thing” Number Two

on 14/08/2014

I have written about “The Thing” in a different context in my other blog referring to my cancer as “The Thing” and some of the comments I received thought it sounded a bit like science fiction which I hadn’t thought of myself but they are right, it does lend itself to that idea.

But…there is another “Thing” in this house and I only thought of it this morning. Do you remember a TV programme called The Addams Family? It was way back, in black and white I think, probably to add to the intended spookiness but it has had many reruns and so some of you younger ones may remember the stories.

One of the “characters” in this show was a gloved hand that lived in a box and would emerge whenever there was mail which Thing then handed to Morticia but also did other things and it was quite funny.

A couple of years ago my husband bought a knitted insulated oven glove. He is a fan of Magnamail and this is where it came from.   As he has taken over “my” kitchen he uses this awful “Thing”. I have never used it as for some reason it has always seemed a bit spooky and I hate it when he leaves it out.

This morning, there it was, sitting on top of the counter looking as spooky as ever and I suddenly thought – it’s “Thing” from the Addams Family and will probably start creeping along the top of the kitchen counter; perhaps looking for a letter to deliver. I quickly put the “Thing” in a draw so I didn’t have to look at it anymore but I have to wonder, am I going bonkers. Is it normal at my age to be not only having these thoughts but to also write about it – what do you think?


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