Looking for the things in life that make us happy


on 04/09/2014


She lay in her bed; warm and comfortable, not awake, not asleep but in that in between dreamlike state where the last tantalising remnants of her dream were fading. She tried to will the dream to return but it was elusive and she knew that nothing would induce the dream to return. Pressure in her bladder slowly increased, making it necessary for her to visit the bathroom thereby disturbing her efforts to bring back the dream. Moving slowly, hoping that by doing so she might be able to keep herself from waking fully, thinking she might be able to recapture the essence of her dream. She slid into her bed, pulling the covers over her, trying to fit into the warm space she had left moments before. Closing her eyes she lay there trying to induce the dreamlike state to return. She knew it probably wouldn’t but still she lay there trying to re-capture the serene feeling the dream had left behind and wondering what the dream was really about. She couldn’t recall people or anything else being involved in the dream but it was gone, leaving behind a memory of something beautiful. She wondered if this dreamlike state was how it would be when death was close and all outside influences ceased to be a part of her life.

Gradually she began to take in the sounds of the new day – birds singing, the odd car passing by, the sound of its tyres on the tarmac; a dog barking in the distance.

Fully awake now she rose from her cocoon of warmth and comfort; the memory of the dream lingering in her mind and prepared to greet the new day – this wondrous gift she had been given once more.


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